Husky instruction pics

Good morning I was hoping that some body out there might have the ability to take some pictures of the 1/35 AFV Club Husky VMMD model kits instruction manual. I have the Panda hobby kit and am realizing that they have left some of the details out and I would like to use the AFV Club kit for some kit bashing. Specifically I need to see that part numbers for what sits behind the left side (sitting in the vehicle) window on the hull.

Scans of all the instruction sheets can be found here:

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Or on Hobby Search for either kit.

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Scalemates also has both and for the most part let’s you know what aftermarket might exist for the kit.


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I have looked and unless I missed something the only upgrade/detail kits and for the AFV Club model I happened to get the panda version and my scratch build skills and wanting so I think I can graft the part from the AFV kit onto my panda kit and hope it works well.

There is two Voyager set designed for the Panda kit.

AF35347 Husky Mk III Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD) | AFV Club | A&C Creation Hong Kong (

I want to thank everyone for the great info you all have saved a project that I thought was derailed.