Husky TSV Meng models

another one ready the Husky TSV. from Meng models 1:35
nice detailed kit right out of the box build

Uploaden: Husky TSV.2.jpg…


It looks a night representation with this greyish color. Very nice work and good idea !

Really nice build and setting . Good representation of a training fir vehicle.

It looks great. What color of paint did you use for painting? (name / manufacturer)

Not to hijack Eriks thread, I used Mission Models British Sand Yellow Modern for my Husky. It could be the pic but it’s decidedly more yellow than Eriks.

the overall color is Vallejo 71.140 US.Desert Sand
weathering is done with Ammo Mig wash , US.Modern vihicles
some earth colors from the oil brush range
and dry earth heavy mud and splash mud
for the tires i used washable sand

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looks very good also :+1:

I like your base a lot, it’s effective and compliments the Husky. It’s something I never do as I am not very good at scenery, the same with figures.

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