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This review covers British Army Husky TSV Sagged Wheel Set from DEF Model (DW35111), a 1/35 scale resin replacement wheels for British Army Husky TSV kit from Meng (VS-009).

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I bought these replacement wheels and tyres and concur wholeheartedly with the review. A must for anyone with the Meng kit.

Sagged wheels, not this set but in general, am I the only one here who thinks a set of 8 sagged wheels at 30 euro for a Stryker kit of 45 euro is ridiculous?

Then again Bert, what about the cost of Fruils or other metal track links? Those can be more than the actual kit cost, not just a chunk of it.

People spend a lot on aluminium barrels, tracks, etch sets, decals, etc, so a set of resin wheels is all relative. You don’t have to have them if you do not want them, but often they, especially DEF ones, are so much better that they are a very noticeable improvement over the kit offerings.

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Buying DEF wheels is one of the first things I do if the kit comes with rubber tires.

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Indeed, the extras look great and will amount up to a multitude of the kits price… if someone wants to do this than do so, I personally just think it is overpriced.

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