HYSTER 150 Forklift in 1/35 by PLUS MODEL *COMPLETED*

Hi Friends,

I’m certain if this is in the wrong place someone will gently guide me down the right path.

This is the U.S. Army labeled cold war heavy forklift that will end up in a Guantanamo Bay, Cuba layout with a U.S.M.C. heavy tank and fuel drums.

DSC01551 (Small)

I can’t find the in box review so here are the parts.

DSC01552 (Small)

DSC01553 (Small)

DSC01561 (Small)

DSC01562 (Small)

DSC01563 (Small)

DSC01564 (Small)

DSC01565 (Small)

DSC01567 (Small)

DSC01568 (Small)

DSC01569 (Small)

DSC01570 (Small)

DSC01571 (Small)

DSC01572 (Small)

DSC01573 (Small)

DSC01574 (Small)

DSC01577 (Small)

DSC01579 (Small)

DSC01580 (Small)

DSC01581 (Small)

DSC01582 (Small)

DSC01583 (Small)

DSC01584 (Small)

DSC01585 (Small)

Definitely something different and interesting, which Plus Model are renowned for.

DSC00013 (Small)

Here’s the completed tank… of course.

DSC00685 (Small)

And some of the extras which are key to the look of the forklift. Now I’ll begin with the build.

DSC00686 (Small)

Super nice fit.

DSC00687 (Small)

Very nice detail.

DSC00688 (Small)

This LePage CA is identical to Loc-tite super attak.

Forgive the long opening of this blog and thanks for having a look. Also, I can’t wait for your feedback.

Huge thanks to Plus Model for sending this beautiful resin kit for review and and to Sunward Hobbies for supplying the paint for the build.


Very interesting. It looks like it will be a nice dio.

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Thanks. I hope so… never seen a Guantanamo dio before.

Hi All,

Time for an update on this. Lots of small resin parts here, yet the fit is mostly good. Some parts have to be modified to fit, but the main issue in this report are the parts not called out on the instruction sheet for the rear steering assembly.

DSC00689 (Small)

One of the tie rod ends broke. Easy fix to make that tiny part. Some really nice detail.

DSC00692 (Small)

I had to stop assembly though knowing some chipping was needed. If you use this metal primer make sure to brush a thin layer and more fast.

DSC00693 (Small)

Mr. Color RLM-04 made the primary finish. It has a more industrial look than a pure yellow plus it covers a little better than the Tamiya. The SOL R is less prone to lifting paint and comes off much much easier than NEO. I did this because it was very difficult to get the tape to cover the bulge.

DSC00694 (Small)

Took 3 coats of lacquer to get the look. Then the areas were lightly sanded and finally water and a stiff brush went to work. Naturally, oils and pigments will be added.

DSC00695 (Small)

The missing parts are the steering assembly base plate and the two pointed to. Make sure you clean off the paint from the parts and you’ll get a very nice fit. Sorry about the blurry photo.

DSC00696 (Small)

The exhaust part 37 takes a bit of maneuvering after the outer hole is drilled.

DSC00697 (Small)
DSC00698 (Small)

Again, some very nice detail and is going to look awesome after the weathering.

Huge thanks to PLUS MODEL for sending the kit for review and to Sunward Hobbies for sending some of the paint for the build.

Thanks everyone. More to come… when time permits.


Hi Folks,

Remodeling my studio and while almost done there’s plenty still left to do… ugh! At least now I can sit in warmth when it’s -40 three feet away. Good thing I had these pictures taken some time ago to provide you with content.

DSC00699 (Small)

Next step is the cab and the rump HA HA.

DSC00700 (Small)

The PE had to be filed on both sides of these transmission and engine grills. That could easily have been caused by my placement. They look great though.

DSC00701 (Small)

Pushed the exhaust pipe put a bit.

DSC00702 (Small)

The seat is a joy to look at with all those bolts and framework. Gas cap is in red.

DSC00703 (Small)

Hooks, light and tow eye wrap it up.

DSC00704 (Small)

More nice detail in this rail section. All the bald spots will be painted.

DSC00705 (Small)

I can’t glue this until I know the correct angle.

DSC00706 (Small)

Note the different shaped supports for the fork angle? The steeper one is best, but you’ll still have to add material to the other’s bottom. The pins will not align up otherwise.

DSC00707 (Small)

Then the valleys will have to be deepened or the hydraulic hoses will not sit low enough to match up with the shafts.

DSC00708 (Small)

Any questions, ley me know.

Huge thanks to PLUS MODEL for sending the kit to review and to Sunward Hobbies for sending some of the paint for the build. Please visit www.plusmodel.cz for some awesome kits and add-ons and www.sunward1.com or www.sunwardhobbies.ca for kits and supplies.

Next up… “the cage”!!! Thanks Everyone, stay healthy.


Looking pretty good, amigo.
I drove many a Hyster forklift in my day!

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Thanks BLG! Picked up some tips on weathering from you… those shots will come later.

Hi All,

Some great progress.

DSC00709 (Small)

As mentioned in the previous post the valleys need to be deepened for the hoses to lay properly. CA worked well on the rubber and they slipped in the holes at the other end.

DSC00710 (Small)

The controls went in with little fuss. If I did this over the seat would have been added later to help free up some room for the tweezers to place the peddles.

DSC00711 (Small)

The wheel is slightly off but I don’t have any de-bonder left. Have a good length of hose cut since you’ll be moving those pistons up and down many times down the road.

DSC00712 (Small)

Now the fun part. There is no way you’ll link those cage rails to the connecting bars unless they’re on the body. Use a 0.6mm drill and the supplied wire to pin them in place. DO NOT attach them with CA though.

DSC00714 (Small)

Get one end started then the other.

DSC00715 (Small)

Use the roof to find where each bar will fit between those oval holes.

DSC00716 (Small)

Once you’re happy you can begin the slow process of bending the ends to form with the rails.

DSC00720 (Small)

It took a bit of doing but all I have left to do is a spot at the back to glue down.

DSC00717 (Small)

Awesome bolt detail on the inner rail chain wheels.

DSC00718 (Small)

Plenty of touch-ups needed after assembly.

DSC00719 (Small)

This was under-sprayed with silver for chipping.

DSC00721 (Small)

PLUS MODEL include a full length piston shaft along this a stub if you want the tines at full rest forward. So, you really have a full range of static height and width of the tines to choose from, depending on your specific diorama.

DSC00722 (Small)

Sliding the painted rail parts together is a bit tough, so clean them. Also, having something for the lift to rest against will stop it from flopping forward.

That’s enough for now, but it sure is coming together.

Our thanks go out to PLUS MODEL for sending this kit for review and to Sunward Hobbies for supplying the paint for the build. Please visit www.plusmodel.cz for some awesome kits and add-ons and www.sunward1.com or www.sunwardhobbies.ca for kits, supplies and neat stuff.

Thanks Everyone, hope this “lifted” your spirits… eh, em… yeah that was lame :slight_smile:


Hey there Guys and Gals,

Well here’s the final result of the Hyster 150… well mostly. However, these are the final steps in the build.

DSC00723 (Small)

I use X-22A and H2O mixed 50/50 and began the paint removal. In the center of each spot was lightly scratched with 400 grit then an old soft toothbrush. More on this area later.

DSC00724 (Small)

Super easy to place this subassembly.

DSC00725 (Small)

The chain is very fragile. I began with a new No. 11 blade but switched to a Tamiya 0.1 saw and slowly cut it free. It was sprayed with Mr. Metalizer 214 and buffed while on the resin plug.

DSC00726 (Small)

Make sure to remove all the flash from the chain and clean out the inserts on the rail.

DSC00727 (Small)

The decals are excellent. My only gripe is there were none for the gauges and should have been since this is a 1/35. Something I’m sure PLUS MODEL will address.

DSC00728 (Small)

Some wire needs to be run from the lights and I should have made a bundle under the instrument panel. I’ll do that later.

DSC00729 (Small)

DSC00730 (Small)

DSC00760 (Small)

Here’s the roughed in look of the GITMO diorama.

DSC00765 (Small)

There are buffable shades of iron then grease, brown and smoke oils along with light dust and light brown pigments for the initial weathering. There’s a bit left to do but this is close enough to call this one complete. The next time you’ll see it will be in Guantanamo Bay.

DSC00769 (Small)

This took far less time than I imagined and would have taken half the amount knowing what I know. Sure, you can say that about many kits, yet this was different. Other than the cage it was a thoroughly enjoyable process and so dog gone cool to look at.

Our thanks go out to PLUS MODEL for sending this kit for review and to Sunward Hobbies for supplying the paint for the build. Please visit www.plusmodel.cz for some awesome kits and truly unique add-ons and to www.sunward1.com or www.sunwardhobbies.ca for kits, supplies and neat stuff.

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon in sunny warm Cuba… yeah right, I’ll dream on and throw another log on the fire.


That is one dandy little forklift, if I could figure out how to get one on the battlefield I’d get one myself, maybe it’ll fit in the M720 GOER’s bed waiting in the stash, who knows? Well you did a fine job and the Safety Yellow is a nice break from OD green!

Cajun :crocodile:

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Oh Man, you have no idea how close I was to that color, HA HA. I love that idea of yours. We need more scenes such as yours. Thanks for the kind words and go out and buy one, it will definitely stand out.

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Turned out awesome!
As I said in my prior post, I had first hand experience with forklifts for years and you captured it perfectly. Those worn down fork blades are excellent!
Kind of makes me miss driving them…


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Thank you Brett.

BTW the color call outs have one version in OD green. US Army no less.

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