I am baffled (again) Why are there different styles of tires on the T54?

Sorry, but I can’t find why I see some T-54’s with solid-looking “tires”, while others have ridges in the sides and some even have ridges in the running area that engages the track. I ask because I have the AMMO-Mig T54B and want to correctly make it into an Israeli Tiran 4. I see some Tiran 4’s with either, as well as T-54B’s. I’m just plain stumped. I’d like to make a period correct example. Does anyone know the timeline please? Thank you! Dave :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Factory fresh rubber tires have the ridges (I guess that they are mold flash from the manufacturing).
Run them for a while and the ridges on the running area will get worn off.
The ridges on the sides will survive longer.
Fresh tires on an M48

Seeing vs not seeing, could depend on the photo and possible dirt on the wheels.
Worn smooth
Same photo but zoomed in

Original photo, Toadmans tank pictures

How much would be possible to see on a 1/35th scale model?
This is WAY too much

Barely noticeable on the nearest road wheel
More visible

Tire for a loader/tractor

Trelleborg 23.5R25


Thanks Uncle! I appreciate the time you took to post the pictures, thank you!! So, it’s not so much different tires at all, just varying wear? Makes sense. My armor is not intended to be right out of the factory so maybe flat will be fine. You guys and gals are great, thank you!!! I learn something every day.


It was a learning opportunity for me as well :+1:
Some details are too small to be replicated in any one scale.
Trying to make them visible in a scale where they should be invisible
turns the whole model into a caricature.
This general rule applies to all areas of modelling.

This is an excellent resource for us model builders:
A T-55 Enigma at Prime Portal: http://www.primeportal.net/tanks/jean_thomas_rembert/t-55_enigma/
This photo is from the first page of the Enigma collection.
Note the very faint traces of the ridges on the running area of the nearest road wheel.
Should be invisible in 1/35

This could maybe be replicated on a 1/16th model but not in 1/35


Thank you. I’m in 1/72 so guess I shouldn’t even be worried about it! Shazaam! :raised_hands:


Braille Scale!
Yep, totally forget about those ridges.
If the kit wheels have them just sand the buggers off, no question about it.


Cool!!! I can handle that!!! Haha!!! Thank you!!


This is also a recurring area where people think they are outsmarting everyone else by leaving the kit’s mold seams on the tires because “real tires had seams!!” Kit seams taken up to full size would look like the flanges on railroad wheels.

I have measured these tire seams. In full scale they stand above the surface less than the thickness of a US dime. In 1/35, they would be equal to the thickness of a coat of paint.

In real life one can see all sorts of patterns and lines that are simply dirt and dust sticking to or worn away from a surface. They aren’t all caused by physically significant edges. Look at your car’s windshield. There’s a definite difference in appearance between where the wiper runs and where it doesn’t but you won’t find an edge there.