I am looking for 1/72 scale cargo netting

And can’t find any on most webshops by any producers. I even tried Aliexpress. Does anyone have a tip where I could find any, or how to make some the easiest way? Thank you.

What about Thachwave 1/72 Generic Cargo Net ( TW203 ) ?

1/72 square cargo net as seen in various settings throughout the 20th century.

The 1/35th scale version looks like this


Website : https://thachweave.tripod.com/products.htm


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If you don’t mind something a bit more DIY, you could use tulle (aka bridal veil material) available at cloth by the yard (meter) shops. One square yard/meter for a few bucks will give you enough material for literally hundreds of netting. You might also find some online in smaller quantities. Example of tulle used as camo netting in 1/72:

It’s the netting hanging over the gun barrel. In scale, I would say the mesh is about 6" - 8". Maybe a slightly better shot:

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At one time, ‘The Scenic Factory’ carried this Netting (NY-01) Dark Yellow/Sand: $6.95 US back in 2014. I believe it came in green as well. They’ve since moved operations over to FB, so I’m out of that loop. HTH.


@justsendit: Looks like cheesecloth dyed dark yellow. Probably cheaper to make it yourself…

@spongya77: Are you looking for WWII era cargo netting or modern cargo netting?


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That’s exactly what it is, but I didn’t know the scale size of cheesecloth back in 2014. … And besides, if I make everything, who’s going to support the modeling industry?

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In 1/72, your best bet is probably bridal veil tulle. It comes in a few different shapes for the openings too and they can get pretty small.

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I like tulle. I’ve recommended it many times, usually for use as a metal mesh. I think it’s a little stiff for netting though. I might suggest medical gauze. I have used that as well, and you can adjust the scale (sort of) by stretchi8ng it out. Just make sure you get the cotton kind and not the elastic kind.

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I agree tulle is a bit stiff for use in smaller scales, but you could try dipping in boiling water for a few seconds, then shape it before it cools (don’t burn your fingers :face_with_head_bandage:!).
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