I got these empty bottles, what can I do with them?

I got these empty bottles and I’m wondering what to do with them.


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The glass ones you could wash out and fill with solutions of your own making, such as airbrush cleaner or washes.

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Recycle Bin :laughing:


Not sure about those but I always keep old tamiya paint jars and glue jars. The paint ones are great for storing home brew paint mixes. The glue ones I’ll use for other glued like testors that comes in a crap bottle

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Of course ! It is good for the planet :+1:

The big ones go for recycling. :slight_smile:

I only reuse the small Tamiya glass paint jars.

Different options, but I’m probably going to throw them into the trash.
I don’t have currently no usage for them then.

Jack Daniels, Gordon’s Gin, Jack Daniels :grin:

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Keep your diorama dirt in them. The stuff you sift yourself from the driveway.