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Paracel Miniatures released 2 new 1/35 scale sets depicting Imperial Japanese Army Tank Riders. Sets are also available as a combo set including a Tank Commander. Company also released a 1/72 scale Asian and Vietnam Water pots kit.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/i-j-a-tank-riders
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They look strange, the figures have a postures occidentals. no?

They look ok to me, not sure what you mean

The uniforms and equipment are Japanese, but from what I can make out of the faces, physical proportions and poses, they don’t look the part. Like actors dressed in costumes.

Ok yeah I see. I wasn’t looking closely enough at the faces. Can’t really get a clear look at them, Maybe change them out for Hornet heads?

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The faces are typical of Paracel’s sculpting and in the same style. A quick look through all the figures on their site will show this consistency. The owner/sculpter is Vietnamese and the facial features perhaps capture Vietnamese features better. I agree that these figures do not quite capture Japanese facial features as well, but Paracel figures are excellent and I’ll still purchase

I agree I have some of their figures and they are excellent!

I love them, it’s a subject rarely covered in resin figures. Last time we saw resin figures of Japanese Infantry riding a tank was from the old and now defunct Japanese Armor King from back in the 1990’s.

Yes I do too Jose, a very rare subject for sure.

Still have lots of Japanese Armor King (aka Ted Dyer) stuff!

AC Models released a set of resin “Japanese Tank Crew and Infantry At Rest” last year this time, with four figures riding a Type 97 along with the commander and a standing figure. Not quite the same as this Paracel release since they are simply resting on the tank as opposed to in action, but still a great release for Japanese armor.