I just found a Pinta

…at the bottom of my stash. It’s the old Heller one, with nice wood-grain and plank detail on both sides of the hull. It’s large scale (1/75), with few parts, but well-detailed…looks like an easy build. Would any of the decks, or hull be tarred on 15th - 16th century ships for waterproofing? Would sort of be a shame to paint all that well-engraved detail black!
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Hi Leo,

The probable answer is that they were tarred (probably why they were sometimes referred to as “Black Ships”), but we really don’t have much definitive information on vessels of this era. For what its worth, the replica Niña has dark (tar?) waterproofing on the hull, masts, and even the launch, but the decks are plain wood. This might be your best bet for an authentic scheme.

Years ago I built my own Pinta showing a plain wood hull and light sand decks.

It may not be all that accurate, but I do like the look of natural wood!


I like your finish.
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