I Love Kit - M4A3E8 Sherman kit 61615

I’ve just received the slightly simplified version of this kit. Very little P/E, no resin but a metal barrel and workable tracks with steel connecting pins.

I’ve done a short video on a few aspects that might interest modellers.

The main thing is that while relatively simple, (only 20
Steps) the details look sharp, flash free and at least on a cursory viewing, the main hull parts are not twisted.

In the U.K., I was able to get this for £75 with free shipping from Jadlam.

Here’s the link to the YT vid:


Thanks for posting this. Are you sure it’s not kit #61615 tho? Your title says #61516 instead of 61615. I am curious to see how this kit compares to the AHHQ version.

This version 61615 (the one you have) of the ILK kit hasn’t released here in the US yet that I know of. The 61619 version has, but it sells for like $260 USD or like 215 pounds sterling, so this newer 61615 version is going to cost about 150 pounds here. I wonder if you got some kind of special preorder sale price, 50% less seems like a huge difference.

I know some folks in the states ordered the 61619 version from Japan like 3-4 months ago but that was too rich for my blood…and now they still cost like $260, it’s just too much for me…

Apologies - you are absolutely correct. My bad. Will fix the title. This kit was on a special deal from Jadlam. I believe they scooped up inventory. Does Andy’s HHQ have it in the US?

I agree that at the prices you’re seeing then it is a tad rich but then 1/16 scale kits do attract a premium, depending on the level of detail. And then there is the ongoing inflation around kits generally. Nowadays it’s not unusual for me to pay around £100 for a decent 1/35 AFV plus metal tracks for example.

I’ve literally just opened this kit for my birthday. Its amazing, the cast texture on the cupola :blush::ok_hand:t3:. Have you noticed the numbers on the track sprues? Not the tracks themselves, which look well molded, but the actual sprues. It says “61621 20616089 1/16 M4A1 M1”. Is this a teaser that there will be a 1/16 Israeli Super sherman coming out?? 61621 could be another kit number for it??

Just pure speculation, back to sussing out the sprues!!

Weird, I just checked the Jadlam website, not only is 61615 not listed, the price on their 61619 kits is listed at 209 pounds or about the same $250 price range we have here, they list the AHHQ and the 61619 and everything is sold out.

Sounds like you got one heck of deal! Those 61615 kits are about 25% less expensive than the 61619 or about 150 pounds and they shipped it for free too? Wow, that’s fantastic! You must’ve had loyalty rewards points or something, that’s pretty darn good :slight_smile:

They Jadlam lists the AHHQ version for 165 pounds or about $196 US, Andy is selling that kit here for $140 or about 118 pounds regular price.

It’s always interesting to compare the prices folks pay in different places…

No surprise. My guess is the sold all the I Love Kit inventory very quickly. And yes there are HUGE price diffs. Occasionally I find good deals from AliExpress so might be worth keeping an eye out. That’s where I get my R Model tracks from which I really like.