I need to build this: IDF M151 1/4 ton

I was sorting through old pics last weekend and found this, a pic I took in December of '96 and thought “I need to build this”. I know there are Mutt kits out there, but if someone could identify the closest kit to start with I would be appreciative. I think Legends or maybe even Verlinden did a conversion at one time but I haven’t found one yet. And yes, I asked before I took the pic. The guys were very friendly, even amused that I wanted a pic of them and their ride. Forgive the quality, it’s a picture of an old print.

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I am afraid there is no pic…


well if you are going to use verlinden accessories you are probably looking at using the tamiya kit which would be of a similar time line.

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As the others said, there is no pic. However, Tamiya and Academy are the only two options for M151s. Depending on when/what M151 you are talking about will dictate which kit is the closest to it to start with.

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Looks like you need the A2 version, available from Tamiya (all except #35334 which is an A1)
and one kit from Academy #13406 (with TOW launcher)

DEF Model DW35039 is sagged resin wheels for the IDF Shimira with the pattern in the photo

Legend Productions IDF M151A2 Shimira conversion set, LF1018, could also come in handy.

I think you’ll have to cobble together that roll bar though …


Yup, it is an M151A2 in the above pic. You can tell by the front turn signals. I would start with one of Academy’s newer A2 kits. Their later ones are all-new molds, while their earlier ones were copies of Tamiya’s M151s.

The M151A2 hardtop w/trailer version is the most detailed.

For the IDF parts, you can get the Academy IDF Shmira kit. It is incorrectly an M151A1 (IDF didn’t use any M151A1s) with IDF mods so you would still have to get an M151A2 kit, but they are pretty cheap. You will still need the DEF IDF wheels to match the above pic as well. You would still have an M151A1 left over too, sort of. The Academy A1 still has an A2 rear suspension.

The newer Academy M151 kits come with full engines and other parts that Tamiya did not include. They are more detailed than the Tamiya kits as well.

Here is a comparison article I did of Tamiya’s and Academy’s newer M151s on the old site.


Looks like I have a plan. Thanks all!


Use the plastic from the parts tree with some thick thread. Should be pretty straight forward. :+1:


The “Patrol” or as the Americans called it the FAV with padding. Even with a helmet getting your melon bounced off the roll bars hurt like hell…
A good model to build off of the Tamiya kit. I did t a build I was riding around in during 88-89

model_m151muttGoldman (1)
model_m151muttGoldman (3)


I’m going to start getting the various kits/parts in, should be something fun to piddle with between other projects.