I was bored and don't know what else to do with a kit of mini weapons


You need to print off a 1/35 scale Herman the German target to go on the table with them.

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Reminds me of a scene from Kalashnikov on Amazon Prime that I just watched today. They even show the paper silhouette targets they were shooting at.


I would, but I don’t have printer. :expressionless:

Made me think of this scene from “The Green Berets” movie.


Too bad the photos are no longer on this thread:


Maybe we can get Nacho to repost them. He nailed it with the weapons in an SF team room.

Aldo Ray, perfect guy for the role. Former UDT frogman at Okinawa.

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Added some more stuff.

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Now to just model Ian McCullum sitting behind the table :grimacing:

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Fast, somebody 3D scans Mr. Forgotten Weapons.

On the other note,
I want to make more, but the stores in my city are all out of business.