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Ever wanted to see what a gandydancer does? Once upon a time I helped out on the Doe River Gorge Railroad, which operates along a few miles of the storied East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad, the fabled "Tweetsie."

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That was super cool. Thanks for sharing that


Very nice Fred. Thank you for sharing the pictures and the video. That would have been a fun project to take part in. Along with loving the scenery and the colors in the video I was impressed with how hard it must have been to build a useable railroad in that terrain. Those folks earned their pay. :slight_smile:

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The theme park? Took my boys there once as kids and there is another line that does Polar Express out that way. Beautiful country, need to go back more often.

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Not the theme park. This is the original right-of-way just south of Hampton where the railroad enters the gorge to slog south upward to Roan Mountain. Just around the curve is Pardee Point, and beyond it is the tunnel - bridge section. The theme park is about an hour away in Boone, NC.

DRG now has a rebuilt 4-4-0 ready to pull trains, and is expanding the track with a 2-mile loop around the camp. There were plans to rebuild the bridge and steam beyond tunnel 4. I’ll have to reconnect with my friends there to find out what is happening.

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I think that is the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Took their dinner train once, great time.

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Bit of trivia. Video, about 3:30, we start up a long tangent section. About 3:45, is where I was when I saw my first bear in the wild. From the cab of Rachael, a 1920 Vulcan Iron Works 2-4-4T (now languishing at the Grapevine Vintage RR in Texas), I watched a young bear charged out of the woods from the right and onto the track. It ran along the track until veering off to the left, about where the track curves before entering the tunnel, at 4:15.

Photos of Rachel the last time I saw her.

Thanks for the information Fred.