I will protect you

A figure from life miniatures, scale 1/10
I gonna paint it almost straight from the box, just gonna let the zombie hands of.
Aiming at something in a distance and in the meantime been direct attacked, don’t seem right to me
So I put the figure together and filled the holes.

next base coat


Jan I think this looks much better without the zombie hands. Looking forward to seeing some paint on it.

wow . That is a striking pose as is

Thank you.
First session of painting, just the basic for the face.
The eyes are okay for the moment


Beautiful skin work Jan, some of the best I’ve seen in some time. The tones blend so well and I think the eye color also makes for a very striking face.
What paints did you use for the skin?

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That is stunning already.

Very impressive- wasn’t sure I liked the figure until I saw your paint work - now I can’t wait to see more

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Thank you,
Karl, I Use the colours from Scale 75
Primer with AB, it’s the black canister but I mix it with white to get a middle grey.
No special purpose, it’s just the best for me to work with

The basic skin with AB, for small figures I just use a brush, for bust and large figures I use a AB for the basecoat. It’s saving time instead of bringing on several thin layers of paint.

For the skin I use mostly the new range of Artist Colours. The colours below are the basic I use for a normal European.

For the shadows I use this colours for this figure, it’s not a rule, just the best fit for the moment.

I am always using a wet tablet, as mixing and for thin down the paint.
painting in thin layers
Last session

The colours of Scale 75 are drying out always to a real mat surface, for faces and surfaces that need a little shine I mix Satin matte varnish from Liguitex in the paint, don’t over do it and you will get the same result as painting with oil.


Thanks for explaining that Jan, much appreciated :+1:!

Painting sessions of the last days, working on the hair and some body parts.


I am really liking the tones you have chosen for the skin, they suit the figure so nicely and you have picked out the detail around the neck and hands in fine fashion. The hair complements these tones as well- this is a very enjoyable build log Jan!

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bringing on the basic colors for the hoodie

Ardennes green is the base, working to the right for the highlights, working to the left for the shadows

next fine tuning on some parts.


It just keeps getting better and better

Great looking tones on the hoodie Jan, its really coming to life nicely with the biggest area of color all sorted.

That’s a lucky puppy…


Working in little steps, working on the puppy and some details.


Jan- good to see you back at this piece! The pup is very nicely painted and the gun with some dust on it is a neat touch.

This is looking really good! I like how you did the hair, btw, great tones.

Almost done, found some minor defaults after looking true the photos. Life Miniatures, scale 1/10, painted in acrylics, minor conversion
I will protect you !


Good to see some more progress on this Jan! Its a really wonderful job you’ve done it with some excellent color choices and some very fine skin and hair painting -including the puppy!