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New Chevrolet C60L Ambulance kit at 1/35 from IBG

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Been a long time coming…

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Would love to see that with Israeli markings for , 1948.

I can imagine that in 1948, the ambulances would’ve been painted Olive drab and have a rounderl with a red Star of David instead of a Red Cross… Maybe; I think the IDF started adopting the desert sand color by the early 1960s.

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Many of the vehicles used in 1948 were used in the colours they arrived. There were OD, sand and even some light grey ones coming from USN surplus.

Would be good if IBG has remade the crappy cab of previous offerings and offer more detail and accuracy on the rest of the kit, more so when most of their latest kits are really great ones. Sadly I have no big hopes in this case.

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It will be also made in 1/72 scale, according to IBG website

It was also used by the Jewish fighting brigade in Italy and later but had red crosses

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Back in the late 80’s there was one sitting in a scrap yard , it was near perfect and still ran.
But sadly it went to the shredder before anyone could buy it to save it.