IBG QLR Radio van, kit 35017

Hi All,
I just ordered this kit and should be receiving it in about a month. I saw one built up at AMPS a few weeks ago and it was beautifully done, I just had to have one; i didn’t get the modelers name though. One of the guys in our club also built one and he did an outstanding job on it.
I know Eduard makes a PE set for it and ToRo makes new wheels. My question is: does anyone know if these aftermarket sets are any good and worth buying and are there other sets available to improve the kit? Thanks in advance.



Did the model you saw at AMPS have a full scratch interior ? If so , it sounds like my brother in law Jim Guld’s work .

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Hi Richard,
Yes I saw Jim’s truck after he first built it at one of our meetings. Excellent job he did. There was another one at AMPS as well that was also beautifully done.

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In my copy, one of the boxes above the windows for the blinds/shades was completely missing, felt as if it had been forgotten when cutting the moulds. They might have adjusted the moulds but worth a check.

It’s an easy fix, but something you shouldn’t have to do.

May not be an issue but usual problems with post war tyre treads instead of wartime patterns.

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I received mine recently and opened the box and everything looks fine. I also purchased the Eduard (35316) set for it as well as the Dunlap tires from Hussar. I believe the kit comes with Avon tires which were post war, correct me if I’m wrong.
The tires look beautiful except for an mis formed hub on one of the tires. I’ll just have to fill it with putty. There was also a blob of resin on another tire in a difficult place to clean; against the rim. I got most of it out but might get my Dremel

tool out and carefully get the rest. Then again I could always cover it with mud!

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Check the vents on the sides and rear, these are somehow badly mishaped and you may want to replace these. I suspect this is a case, like the missing blind box, of a “bug” in the process from CAD to metal, where the design is wrongly moulded or not moulded at all.

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