ICM 1/35 CH-54A Tarhe step-by-step video

A step-by-step video construction guide is available for ICM’s latest release, the 35th scale CH-54A Tarhe model kit.

Source: ICM 1/35 CH-54A Tarhe step-by-step video – Hobbyzero


NIce. It looks like it will be a very detailed, sturdy piece. I find it interesting that there are what appear to be tail pieces that are listed as not used for this version. Hopefully they will continue the series, maybe a firefighting helo.

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Sorry to be so repetitive, but… 1/48 scale, please, pretty please… :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

As for the 1/35 scale model, it surely looks like a beauty. Was impressed by the box designing/construction of the “body-boom”, makes of it a really strong assembly. Well done ICM.

Have a good one.



the scale does put me off, thr size of that thing when assembled, especially the rotor dimensions will be enormous and will eat up space.

i agree with the 1/48 request it would certainly be more manageable with regards to size and space.

thanks for posting the video Gino.

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Quite sure a 1/48 will follow in some time. Anyway, ordered the 1/35 and it should arrive soon.