ICM 1/35 le.gl.Einheitz-Pkw Kfz.2, WWII German Light Radio Communication Ca

a long name for a small car… German radio car - not sure which scheme to do just yet (grey maybe and then get the Das Werk Faun to load it on…

anyway this is the first 2022 build


Good start Rob

Great Start Rob! And an interesting little subject. CornBeer


small vehicle with a lot of detail… chassis done, engine done, both need painting before I can start on the body work (apart from the engine bulkhead)…


dont think much of the engine will be visible once the bonnet is on but its been primed, along with the chassis and engine sides… must admit that the UMP primer thinned 50:50 with UMP cleaner works really well…

engine and body floor mounted…

it’s sooooo small… build finished. Will be painted in the DAK scheme (once the paint arrives)… interior is all just placed for ease of painting/weathering


Coming along nicely!

BTW: I ran your plate: :point_right: WH 59210 :point_left: :smile:
Not the radio car, but got a close hit: WL 59219 Pkw Kfz3 Stoewer Afrika Korps Brigade Ramcke Afrika 1941/43

Image for reference only.


Wow I missed the beginning of this. Nice build up. DAK scheme, good choice

cool link, thanks for sharing

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I am following this one Rob. Something fresh.

ICM do the Anti-Aircraft version as well… this has been such a fun build I may have to get one…

all primed. Dunkelgrau next then (once it clears customs) DAK

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now with Dunkelgrau & DAK paint…