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Got distracted before I finished the post and didn’t realize that I had already posted it…

Was going to write that the squatting figure (along with a couple of others engaged in similar activity) are 1/72, but they were done in 3D and 3D printed, so they are available in any scale, really.


That was a hell of a hot curry !! :grin:

Did he drop a mre :bomb:?

I just am wondering why are they doing an outhouse. I just don’t get it.

People wanted a plastic version for dioramas. To each their own.

Vietnam era C-rats (or more accurately, MCI’s - Meal, Combat, Individual, the successor to C-rats and before MRE’s)… LOL!

We had these (and a ton of other custom 3D designed and printed figures) done for a large, 1/72 scale Vietnam era museum diorama. The figure designer and printer was the same guy who runs the “Panzer vs. Tanks” Shape Ways store. He does lots and lots of custom figures in all scales.

Anyways, if someone is interested in “personal elimination figures,” they are actually available to go with this ICM “field toilet.”

It did have pit burn feel to it. I thinking about modern day joker that always throws a mre bomb on field deployment that leads to folks having to stand fire watch because of it. :roll_eyes:

The seated figure/s would look good for this walk down memory lane.

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Yea, we actually had two different seated figures taking care of #2 designed and printed, the one in the photo above and another reading while doing his thing. A third standing figure taking care of #1 was also done.

Most folks just have no idea whatsoever about the general absence of privacy and the everyday, day after day, week after week grind and effort of just trying to live in the field, much less survive all the Hollywood special effects.

Any hoo… At least the ICM “privy” has a door! LOL! Which is way more than most field toilets actually have.

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Must be for Officer “housing”? :joy:

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Haha. Now where have I seen that little guy before. This museum is a special place :slight_smile:

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Looks like the one on Bisley Ranges - but with a door! Luxury!

Military items/articles in Swedish terminology starts with the most significant word and the rest in order of diminishing significance:
Example: hammer, small, ball instead of the civvy speech ‘small ball hammer’
So the joke when my dad was in went like this (translated):
potty, blue stripe, NCO
potty, blue stripe, mirror bottom, Commissioned officers

The smaller ball hammer in Swedish was slightly funny since
it was written: hammare, mindre, kul which literally translates to ‘hammer less funny’
The larger hammer was simply: hammare, kul (hammer, funny)
I guess it needs the particular sense of dry and silly humour created by specific circumstances.


You can never have enough humour about ball hammers lol :rofl:

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You do have to take pity on the ball-less hammers, though… Poor little guys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Personally I don’t get it and couldn’t ever see myself making/using one of these in one of my dios; right up there with the disgusting squatting and peeing figures offered by certain companies. Ugh. I also thought that it was interesting that ICM would call the outhouse a “WC” when clearly no water is utilized; as well the addition of a door was an interesting modesty touch. All in all a kit that we can all write-up to personal choices and preferences.