ICM improvised T-34 recovery vehicle

Remade the ICM T-34 tan model into a recovery vehicle as I was not satisfied as it was before.


Some more pictures


Looks good. :+1::+1:

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That’s almost a mini dio. Is the fellow hauling and engine or using it? :wink:

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Whatever you like…

Cold, wet, and muddy. Nice little story build and paint.

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I definitely see it as creative transport, but there’s still a hint of hauling an engine. Just saw a tank video on engines shown off at a demo - there was a V12 that purred.

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Well if it is not realistic fine. I did not know with what to fill the engine deck and I am planning to use the transmission from that very same Miniart kit on a early T-34.

It’s creative and well done. Excellent paint/weather, too. I definitely like it!

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