ICM's American Field Service Ambulance


WOW! …all elements of this dio are SUPERB!..Thanks for posting.

Stunning builds Charlie! Your work is incredible!

Fantastic work Charlie.
A very nice build and paint job on both the ambulance and field gun.
Love the groundwork too. How did you make it and the tyre ruts? I tried to get a similar effect on a recent build of mine, hut didn’t quite get the effect I was trying to achieve.

This one’s high on my wishlist. We’re getting some great WW1 kits these days.

That really looks great.


I built it a couple years ago but I probably used a commercial paper mache mixed with white glue and acrylic brown paint. As it dried, but still pliable, I added the ruts. Once completely dry I used a product called ‘Realistic Water’ from Woodland Scenics to get the high gloss on the mud.

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Thanks, will have to look out for that in my LHS.
I used a wall filler type material mixed with raw umber poster paint and the same weathering pigments I used on my armoured car. Might have mixed it a bit too wet, as it didn’t hold the shape very well while it dried. But, you learn from the errors and try something different next time.
Yours is much more convincing.