IDF 6 Day War uniforms

Happy New Year to everyone.
I have just purchased the Dragon M3 halftrack 6 Day war, and I am wondering if there are figures available that I can use with it, preferably plastic.
Any help would be appreciated

Hi Paul, Happy New Year!

AC Models has a rather nice (but expensive) set designed specifically for Dragon’s IDF Halftrack: AC Models - IDF Para Halftrack Crew

Ed Okun’s build featuring this set: Ed Okun "Modeling Military History": IDF M3 Halftrack with soldiers 1967 - Dragon 1/35th scale "Six Day War" series


The old Dragon Israeli Paras set is good for the Six Day war period.

I guess not. Disregard.

No, it isn’t. The Galil wasn’t fielded until the mid-70’s. The MAG debuted in the IDF in the mid-60’s, but only in 1969 became the standard infantry LMG. Captured RPG-7s started to appear in IDF inventory from the early '70s; fielding them en masse started after capturing huge amounts in '73. The OR-201 helmet appeared first in the late '70s, the web gear seems to be from the '80s.

Disregard then.

IDF Paras were using the French “lizard pattern” camo uniformin ‘67, along with a helmet that looked like the British Airborne WWII type. Not sure of their web gear if it’s indigenous or from a foreign supplier. It’s not US made. Main personal weapons are the FN FAL and Uzi.

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