IDF Looking for volunteer drivers

This is an IDF Target tank from the 1950-60s. I used a 1/48 conversion kit from Tank Workshop mated to a Hobby Boss M4A3 lower hull and suspension.

Back before computerized firing ranges, the IDF decided that the best way to train tank gunners was to give them a live target to shoot at. So they took an old Sherman hull, removed the turret, welded a bunch of extra armor to it, got some volunteers to drive it, and let gunners shoot at it. They used machineguns, not main guns, so the target crew had some built in safety, but it still must have been rough riding around with shells pinging away just a few inches from your head.
The chipped paint was done using hairspray.


Thats looks awesome!
The finish it great!

le luci posteriori sono sopravissute?

Did the rear lights survive?

Really nice! And a nice history lesson to go with it… :+1: :man_teacher:

The rear lights are present on the real tank, but I don’t know if they work or not.

Interesting modelling subject. The effects that you created look great.

Thanks for all the kind remarks. I copied the look from the one pictured in the Verlinden book.

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