IDF M-60A1 project

I found a old Tamiya M-60A3 I built decades ago and want to down grade it to a A1 for the IDF 1973 war
Besides the gun barrel, what are the external differences between M60A1 and M60A3


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Hi Billy.
From memory the IDfF M60a1 in 1973 would have the non top loading air cleaners on the side of the engine deck on fenders.I believe the top loaders would be part of the RISE improvements in late 1970s.Also on the turret the side blisters for rangefinders wouldnt have the little doors on.Believe these were for m60a3.Plus the commanders position would be the non Urdan cupola for many m60a1s.
Im.sure the guys here can add more.
Hope that helps a bit.

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These are M60A1 / Magach 6s in the '73 Yom Kippur War. They look like stock M60A1s in Israeli sand and with IDF markings. So, side-loading air cleaners, no smoke grenade launchers nor grenade stowage boxes, both sight blisters open, no TTS rounded sight housing in front of the TC’s cupola, etc., etc…



You can always get a set of Baltan blocks and an Urdan cupola and make it a Magach 6 Gimmel, note that these were not TTS vehicles but plain M60A3


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