IDF M38A1/CJ5 Orev Announced | Armorama™

AFV Club released images of their upcoming kit... continuing the IDF M38A1 theme, the company is now covering TOW anti-tank version of the 4x4 vehicle.

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Very nice. This should be a great kit. Their basic M38A1 is a really nice kit. Their IDF versions are even better.

The previous IDF M38A1 are on my wishlist… they look really good. This one is also very interesting.


Jeeps and the IDF, what’s not in love.

Any news on a release date?

Regards jason

Question on the color scheme, is the yellow stripe correct?
I’ve seen lots of pictures of IDF vehicles with white stripes, but not yellow.

Would love it if they (or others) would make just a regular old civilian style CJ5. I have a 1981 CJ5 that I would like to build one day.

Boxtop and build pics have been released. It looks really nice.

Accurate Armour out of Scotland makes a standard CJ-5 conversion set for the AFV Club/Skybow M38A1. Leave the gun mount off and maybe swap out the tires for civilian pattern ones and you have a civilian CJ-5.


Good info. Thanks! Yes this newest release looks awesome too!