IDF M50 Sherman

This one is on my bench since last year, I have a lot on the bench and this is one of them,
Dragon IDF M50 Sherman




It’s always good to see an M50. I’ve built the Tamiya M1 and the DML M51 but for whatever reason, their M50 seems harder to find. Will this be an Israeli or Lebanese militia vehicle?

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Hi James,

I got this one years ago, after doing the Tamyia’s M1 and M51 this one was next.
This Cyberhobby series, it one has one option for markings, I will do the Israeli version.

The kit shows it’s age, a little crude on some parts, specially the suspension and also some hull options, Tamyia’s IDF Shermans are miles ahead, but unfortunately I think Dragon is the only option for the M50.

Looking good.

I picked up the Academy version at a show for a song. It came with a bunch of resin, PE, and Verlinden dry transfers and other decals in the box. I will probably never get to it and am thinking about selling it off. We shall see.

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Nice work on that M50; the color is almost the same as i used on my M51 build.