IDF Machbet

Hello everyone!! The IDF Machbet is an improved version of the American M-163 Vulcan with the addition of a launcher containing four Stinger AA missiles.
For the model I used an Academy M-113, Legend Machbet conversion set with sand bags, MASTER Gatling gun, ET model antennae and some Verlinden and Dragon accesories.
Hope you like it!


Looks friggin awesome!

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Nice. Really like IDF stuff and yours is top notch. :+1: :+1:

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The problem with your kits is they make me feel like rushing to the shop and get them too… it’s another great one!

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top level
colors and display very effective (bags is very effective…probably I need your support when I build Italian tanks)
remember to remove top visor over the driver’s hatch
check night lights
do you think to add a light layer of exaust smoke?

Thanks smolensk for the remarks, I’ll check them, as for my support…anytime!