IDF MACK DM895SX Heavy Equipment Transporter Truck & Trailer

current project IDF MACK DM895SX

1/32 scale

base kit A.E.F. Designs

alternative kit MONOGRAM MACK R SERIES kit

the idea is to create a model that represents the trucks as used during the 1982 operations in lebanon

the aef kit is an entire mess in terms of quality and measurements

the solution was to correct and salvage as many parts as possible

and to scratch build all the other parts and components that can not be used nor salvaged

the project started by converting the blue cabin from the monogram kit

separating the engine cover and rear sleeper unit by use of hand-saw

then closing the large opening at the rear end with a styrene sheet

next is re-creating a correct engine cover that represents a DM800 series based on actual measurements and drawings and references (thank you Paolo)

the chassis was badly wrapped and twisted and bent, a quick fix was dipping it in boiling water for a few seconds and aligning it to a satisfactory result

next is scratch making the front and rear leaf springs

more updates will follow shorty

enjoy and happy modelling


Looks like this will be impressive … will it be carrying a load ?

yes sure, but not yet decided

there are many options which makes me want to chose something really appealing as a final representation

cheers top man, i am glad you like it

Looking excellent my friend.

Maybe an excavator in civilian colours?

Saw one as load on one of these trucks in a book a few years ago.

Regards Jason

I was hoping for a wrecked MBT going back for repair … :grin:

if there are images of your idea, please share, i am open to all options and suggestions

your idea is on top of my list

but which tank? that is the question

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Damn, Now I have to do some research lol …

I was thinking something M60 based but battle damaged ? I found this but its not damaged, and not sure if its the right truck version …
Picture used for reference and discussion only


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this is an RD888 prototype during the upgrade phase of the mack dm895sx

but project was on halt

obsolete trucks in modern military requirements

Hello Guilbert, will be following you Build!

Superb stuff, as always Guilbert! Do you happen to know between which years this truck was in service with the IDF? It would be interesting to know how long they were kept in reserve…

In this case, you could go with Sho’t Kal Gimel/Dalet, Magach 3/5, Merkava Mk.1.

If you don’t want a tank, you can go with a pair of various M113 variants, as well as the M125 mortar carrier, the M150 TOW and the M163 Vulcan. As for artillery, the M109 is a solid choice, or the M88 in case you want an ARV.

For an off-the-beaten-track option, you could pick the Sherman based MAR-290 Episkopi. Of course, you would need to scratch-build the launcher, but judging by your works so far, you could probably do that while having breakfast.

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very important project!
contact me if you need extra support!
I continue to search in my archieve

grazie mille Paolo , sure i will :slight_smile:

hey hey long time,

mack were used since the early 70s until 90s

i do have documented info, i will look it up and report here

most are now decommissioned vehicles, many have been sold to private companies

the ideas you suggested are all noted, i suppose i will make a decision as i go along with the build up

let see how this one turns out

cheers top man

current project update
chassis extended to have a total of 26.5 cm

cabin completed and painted and sealed

the reason the cabin was done first is due the DM conversion parts that require to be fitted in place after the interior has been fitted

next is sanding the parts and engine bay construction along with the top engine cover sheets

enjoy and happy modelling

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I love this! Still think Meng should kit this.

yes sure, it would make many modellers very happy and it would make my life so much easier

but scratch making models will always be fun

with all the drama that comes with it :wink: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Agree there!

Looking excellent