IDF Magach 3

Hi everyone,

I started a new project today, from Dragon IDF Magach 3,


Nice. Looks like you’re building the Dragon kit. I think it’s a very nice kit.

Here’s some reference images to help you with your build. :slight_smile:

M48A4 Magach 3 - WalkAround - NET-MAQUETTES



Thanks for the link !! I will need it for sure.


Some more work today.


Did they have the 105mm gun in '67?


Before the Six-day War (1967)
Israel made an application to the US in 1955 to purchase 60 M47 tanks and after the US refused, Israel applied again in 1958, this time to purchase 100 M47 tanks but the answer was the same.
In the early 1960’s, Israel signed a deal with West Germany, for the purchasing of 150 M48A2. However, due to strong Arab nations opposition, out of the 150 tanks planned to be delivered, only 40 did Israel finally receive. Since West Germany didn’t fully fulfill its obligations, the US had decided to supply the remaining 110 M48A2 tanks and to add another 100 M48 tanks. In 1965, Israel received 90 M48 tanks from the US and another 120 M48 tanks in 1966. At this time Israel had 250 M48 tanks, 150 of them M48A1 and 100 of them M48A2, all of these armed with a 90mm main gun.
Israel upgraded those tanks to M48A3’s by replacing their engines and transmissions with newer models. These tanks were also fitted with a new 105mm L7 gun (same as on the Centurion MBT) and with the Israeli Urdan cupola. (All Israeli M48 tanks were upgraded to M48A3 by the beginning of Yom Kippur War).

During the Six-day War (1967)
Only 120 M48 tanks out of a total of 250 M48 were in combat readiness by the beginning of the war, and took part of it, mostly in the Sinai front against the Egyptian army. During the war Israel captured about 100 M48 and M48A1 from Jordan, when Jordan had only 170 M48 tanks. (Israel decided not to take M47 tanks left by the Jordanian army, since they were already obsolete at that time).

Patton Tanks in Israeli Service



Some work today, rear plate details.

One mistake by Dragon here, it’s not J21(J22) but D21(D22).

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