IDF Merkava Mk.III by Academy

Just finished this kit. I now have one of each generation of Merkava tanks. The Merkava I have in Tamiya, but the Mk.II, III and IV are the Academy kits. I also have an Academy M60A1 with Blazer and a Magach 6B in the stash. Overall, I have been pretty impressed with the IDF offerings by Academy.


Very nice!

Beautiful work,I like the heavy weathering.

Let me ask you,I’m getting ready for my Merkava 4
What did you use for your Sinai Gray,I’m investigating,perhaps Vallejo Air

Thanks. The weathering is just for dust and grime, the appearance of rust is a trick of the camera. In reality it is brown streaks like dirt running down the skirts, but in the images it looks almost like rust, but it isn’t.

First off, I do not have an airbrush. I mostly brush paint, but for this I used rattle can paint. For the Sinai Gray, I actually used a combination of rattle can paint. For the base coat I used Valspar Color Radiance Gloss paint + primer. When I did the assembly I did a charcoal paint highlighting with a brush, then did a light coat over that with Rustolleum “Oregano” primer. The Oregano primer is very close to Sinai Gray on its own.


Makes it very impressive for sure

Anthony, I have used the Vallejo Model Air on several of my Israeli builds. If you are not already, just be aware that they have several Sinai Grays depending on the time frame.

Merkava 4 AM circa 2014

Oregano, I love it! Reminds me of an old Cheech and Chong routine!