IDF Nagmachon with Mine Roller

Hello everyone! I am looking for some help from the IDF armor experts out there. I want to build a Nagmachon heavy APC with a mine roller and was wondering if the Norchi Mine Roller is appropriate for this vehicle. Looke like it in pictures, but just wanted to make sure.

Thanks for the help!

I’ve only seen the non-doghouse Nagmachon variant with mine-rollers and those were from the older generation.

AFAIK only Pumas and Merkava Mk.3s use Degem Dalet.

Unfortunately you cannot use this mine roller with the Nagmachon. The mount for it is designed for the Markava or the Puma (different front glacis armour and mounting points).
You need an earlier style Nochri for your Nagmachon as stated above. :point_up:

Excellent guys, thank you very much for the help! And the great photos!