IDF Puma APC question

I recently scored a Hobby Boss IDF APC Puma kit at a model swap meet. Got it for only $25. Seeing as how I got the kit so cheap, I might splurge on an aftermarket set by Legend. The aftermarket set will cost more than I spent on the kit, but oh well. My question has to do with the flat, square, blue containers or boxes, that are on the rear part of the mudguards. Can anyone tell me what those are. Some are blue, and some are white. Thanks

Those are for mine-shoes.

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Wow, that is a skinny dude. I guess it is appropriate as you wouldn’t want 200lb+ guy in the group if you are going to walk the mine field and not trigger any unhappy things.

The PUMA is more of a CEV than an APC, at least they Engineers use it.

I dont think the boxes in question are for the mine shoes (size and shape does not match) but personnel corridors (we had a similar discussion on a question about a larger one on a m113 a couple of months ago or more).

There are no tiedowns for the feet on the square. By the way blue is for training equipment

@tybugg which kit no did you get? The one with the plow and the carpet system or the “early” one?

I got the one that does not have the plow or carpet system. Its kit # 83868. Mine shoes, ok then. Thanks for the help guys.

I got the impression the shoes may be in the boxes.

check the legend stowage set, it is a decent price to pay for what it includes. The detail and upgrade sets are not that necessary.

I agree with Nikos. Legend produced a full resin kit (which I have) before HB did theirs. Legend just took the opportunity to sell its components as ‘upgrades’ to the HB kit to draw in revenue. Some is worthwhile, but a lot is not worth the hassle.

The stowage set is the one I’m thinking of getting. I plan on adding the non slip texture, and maybe some crew figures. Would Academy’s IDF tank crew work would Meng’s set be more appropriate?

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Neither, I’m afraid. Those are tankers wearing coveralls and appropriate webgear. Pumas are operated by Combat Engineers, issued standard fatigues and infantry gear.

Any suggestions as to what figures are available that would go with this vehicle. I’m not sure what all is out there as far as IDF figures.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of 1/35 IDF figures: "israeli soldiers (modern)" 1:35 - Scale Modeling Search