base kit: A.E.F. Designs Puma Model
Urdan Dozer blade is completely scratch built
Interior is completely scratch built
1/35 scale

enjoy and happy modelling



Puh. That is some impressive scratch building there. Where does the tow truck come from in scale 1/35?

truck is a WELLY 1/32

I have noticed that the difference between 1/32 and 1/35 is acceptable and negligible in terms of ratio in comparison

i am glad you like it

thank you friend

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That is a very fine interior you have built there and I think you have done a great job with the painting too- a suitably ‘well used’ look. The super-detailing on the outside is hugely impressive too. I assume the trailer is also scratch-built?

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thank you friend

yes the trailer is in fact a scratch built project

Very very very nice! That interior is absolutely amazing!

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thank you thank you thank you :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed. Where did you get the nice resin radio/com equipment?

radio/comm devices are from verlinden set

other parts are scratch built and casted in order to have more copies in hand for several other projects

i am glad you like it

thank you friend

This is a really stunning project. Scratchbuilding at its best!


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Merci mon Cher ami

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When are you going to build a master of that trailer for one of the resin people to do a kit from, that’s the burning question here… or, when is Meng gonna do a whole trailer/Mack combo?

Wow!! Almost too much awesomeness to take in!!! All of it is looking AMAZING as always, brother!

Keep up the great work and I hope that life is good!!

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.

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Aloha :slight_smile: thank you friend

cheers all good me end :slight_smile: