IDF Shot Kal Gimel

I built this about two years ago. It’s the AFV Club model with a Valkyrie Miniatures crew, a Legend stowage set and a legend .50 cal MG set.


Big fan of Israeli armor. Really like the color. Excellent dusting as well. :+1: :+1: What paint did you use, or is it custom mix?

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Thanks. I think it was Vallejo ModelAir Sinai Grey.

Looks great Paddy. I have the kit as well and those figs , can’t wait to build it.

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It’s a great kit, Richard. Definitely not shake and bake. But worth it.
The figures are lovely, but I definitely didn’t do them justice with my painting.

Figures are way more difficult than armor for me too. I’m trying to finish my M1 Panther II with some crew figs from Alpine and I’m making a mess of it . Had to put it down. I might go drink a beer or two and watch some football lol!

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lol Always a good plan

That is a real stunner . Great work all the way around.

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