IDF stowage from 1970s-80s?

Hello IDF experts out there,
Someone asked if I could CAD and 3D print some stowage accessories for IDF scenes from the 70s and 80s. In particular something like below (circled in AFV Club’s M113 box art):

I was going to see if I can use the US military gear during the VN War but they do not look alike as far as I can tell - when loking at at the backpacks and rug sacks.

Can some of you point me to what these could be and any good reference photos for me to CAD?

Thank you.

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The box art is based on this photo:

I’ll leave it to the more knowledgeable membership to step in with more detail.

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Unfortunately, no. You need a dedicated IDF gear set.

So you don’t know any websites or photo galleries?
That’s OK if you don’t.

@Frenchy, maybe you have some access to photos? :wink:


Just adding my .02 cents to the thread. i think the Israelis used a lot of vintage British Pattern 37 webbing gear that you can use as reference; specially with the packs.


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This is great, Reynier! I need to look for more photos of British Pattern 37 webbing gear and use them as reference to CAD. Thanks a lot.

Just my two cents

“IDF Pattern 37 Haversack Khaki 1969”



Wow, Frenchy! You never disappoint me! Thank you.

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You’re welcome :wink: According to the caption, the Pattern 37 Haversack was used in the Six Day War up to Lebanon 1982.



@Frenchy your ability to find stuff like this is just amazing. Where would we be without you?