IDF Tank Crew 1973 | Armorama™

After releasing an IDF tanker as a single figure, Royal Model continues the theme of Israeli forces from 1973 era.

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Looks like a nice enough set, if not a tad Verlinden-esque… We can always use more figures from that time frame. Alternate heads would be a nice touch. I do like the mods Ed Okun used to make to on his figures to make them look more like bearded reservists.

Beautiful set of figs; the full figure they also came out with as well. Have to get these

When did the Israelis start using the “Bone Dome” tanker helmet? Did they have them in 67?

Looks like a nice, accurate set.

I’m not a fan of bearded IDF figures. They’re like pointing German or tea drinking British.

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But at least they are a tank crew that are actually in the tank.