IDF vehicles question

Were the M151A2 Recon jeep and the M51 tank contemporary, and could they have been seen together?

I am contemplating my next project and thinking about building an IDF M51 tank using the Academy kit and some other AM I have for it. I already have an M151A2 Recon jeep (called “Shmira” by Academy). I was thinking about putting them together w/some figures, possibly the Dragon IDF Paras or Academy’s IDF Modern Infantry set.

These are the vehicle/kits I am referring to.

I built it properly on an M151A2 as the IDF actually used.


The Academy M51 Sherman is patterned after the M51s used during Yom Kippur; they were modified after experiences during the Six Day War, like relocating the spare track mounts to the turret to act as additional protection on the turret, and adding stowage boxes on the side and rear.

The M151A2 is more correct for vehicles used during the 1982 Lebanon war; the M38A1 is more period correct for YKW… However, the IDF gave the SLA a lot of hand-me-down equipment, including old M51s, so an M51 Sherman painted in SLA grey with an M151A2 Shirma with soem paratroopers would not be a stretch.

SLA M50 Sherman.

The Kataeb Regulatory Forces, one of the several Christian militias that operated in Lebanon during the war carried a lot of Israeli donated equipment, including uniforms and weapons. So a dio of these vehicles and soldiers as lebanese Christian militias during the Lebanon War would be possible.


KRF Sodliers.

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Hmm, O.K., maybe I’ll just leave them separated. Thanks for the info.

Your next project is happening as we speak.

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Pretty much, just a few years beyond my kits.

Huge use of technicals.

The M51 and the mutt do not go together.
More of the old CJ style would work with the M51

All good over in my area save for some scattered shots from the village down the road behind the security wall…

Stay safe everyone


Stay safe out there, Robert. I’m praying for Israel and for victory for the IDF.



Thank you.

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