IJN Akagi Verified

The Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi has been verified. The suspected wreck was found in 2019 but not investigated. A few days ago it was confirmed by finding its name and identified unique features of its whole and other characteristics on the wreck.

Akagi was flagship of the Kido Butai and was sunk by Lieutenant Richard Best at Midway.

Perhaps when these War wrecks are found and verified, we should do a group build concerning them?


Hi Fred, I already covered this several day ago here.

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Ah, well done. Before I made my post, I searched MSW for “Akagi” but it did not pop up, which really surprised me, because I was sure that somebody else would already have found and noted it before.

A Midway campaign?
Sounds interesting. Already have a Wildcat planned for next year.


More like declassified. I think that major navies did know decades ago. Imagine that the JMSDF does receive a new sub with a new sonar and goes like " oh listen guys, I have a training idea, lets go to the last known position of Akagi… ". Which admiral would say no ?

Count me in

Count me in. Count me In c