IJN Haguro, Myoko-class heavy cruiser, Japanese navy 1/700

IJN Haguro, Myoko-class heavy cluser Japanese navy 1/700. This is my previous work and first build of 1/700 warship.
The kit box came with a set of PE parts, so the clear load-map for precise completion were kindness.
It be added wires and masts with thin metal wires.This is a major change from the mast kit part, so it is more accurate and looks better.

The ocean surface is cut out of a clear acrylic plate with splashing waves added by the gel.

To be honest, my handling were a clutter for these PE parts. This is technical subject for next my work, so I wish these were done more accurate, looks better.


You have done a SUPERB job on that ship!

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Thanks very much for sharing your work here. This is fantastic!

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Joe and Phil,
Thank you kind comments.

In the first building of 1/700 warship, I had a lots of new experience and felt some diffrence from my used way by 1/35 scale modeling.
It’s needs about careful treatment for the fragile parts, many PE-crafting, and reading glasses.

If it would be reconstruct with sea surface, the methods were so various way, gel, clear-resin, and more. I really impressed that beauty expressive by skillful modeler’s works for various color, wave and surge situation.

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Akio, beautiful work on your Haguro… and for a first crack at 1/700… well, it is magnificent!

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Thanks watching and comment!
In this model building, I got new modeling technics for me and the knowledge about IJN regulations in action (signal flags series, where raised navy flags, rule of cutter boalts and more).
Honestly say, I had empty about these.