IJN in 1/2400

I finished most of these a while ago but recently added a few more. This is my partial IJN WWII fleet in 1/2400 scale for Naval Thunder and GQ3.


I think there are also some other navies represented in that photo :wink:
Cool lineup!
Scratch? Model kits?

There are probably some French mixed in there and some miscellaneous merchants as well as some sinking ships, mostly transports. They are mostly GHQ 1/2400 metal miniatures but I also have some CnC (metal) and Panzerschiffe (resin) as well. No scratchbuilding in that scale for me.


I wouldn’t mind seeing the Star Wars stuff under the table … please :grin:

Chicken! :smiling_imp:
I once did some Russian destroyers for Tsushima in 1:3000th. O.K., that was several decades ago, I probably couldn’t even pick them up now… :crazy_face:



Here’s the Star Wars stuff. It’s from Fantasy Flight Game “Star Wars Armada”. They are pre-painted and players control ships and squadrons of fighters/bombers. They have a smaller scale game called “X-Wing” where you control the fighters and things like the Corvette from the opening of the 1977 movie are the largest in that scale. This is my storage for these ships so they’re jumbled up. Both games are fun “beer & pretzel” games but also have some nice mechanics. Lots of bad movie quotes always come out.

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Thanks for that image John. It looks like a pretty impressive mixed fleet there. And they look really nicely detailed as well.

OMG - GHQ. I have somewhere in a storage case an army of GHQ tanks. Oh the '70’s. I miss the large tabletop battles. Then came the computer and ruined it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice collection. Never got into tabletop Naval battles - Go figure since I joined the US Navy

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I have USN friends who don’t do naval gaming, yet I was in the Corps and read a lot about naval subjects.

FFG really did a great job on their Star Wars ships. The ties and x-wings are also really nice. I have the bounty hunter ships as well, they make for fun 4+ way battles.

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