IJN Kagerō Class Destroyer Fighting the Snow Wind, Weather and Sea of Okinawa | Model Shipwrights

This stunning diorama of the Kagerō-gata Kuchikukan (The Kagerō-class destroyers) was built by a modelling friend that I hold in high regard for his spectacular builds and dioramas Noriyuki Kato this destroyer being Yukikaze "Fighting the Weather and the Sea of Okinawa" during a blizzard Yukikaze was laid at the Sasebo Naval Arsenal 2nd of August 1938, Launched 24th of March 1939, Surrendered to Republic of China on 6 July 1947 at Shanghai, renamed DD-12 Tan Yang: scrapped 1970

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Well done! Captures the storm very well.
The waves could have been larger though but they are big enough as they are.

Some inspiration: A video of a modern French warship in a storm.

Wavelengths equal to or greater than the ships length

Truly fantastic!!!