IJN troop or supply ships

What kind IJN ships would carry AFV/Trucks etc. (early war) on deck, in cargo hole or both? any kits? photos of landings would be Great.



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Good question. Japan lacked purpose-built invasion ships. IJN requisitioned transport from civil owners. They relied on their transports to carry the cargo, and Daihatsu landing craft (barges) to truck them to shore. Cranes would transfer cargo from the ship to barge. Troops would also be landed by launches.

Both the Japanese Navy and Army had their own transports. (They did not play well together - the Army even had its own aircraft carrier!)


It was not until after the disaster of Guadalcanal that Japan designed purpose-built landing ships, but really nothing comparable to an LST.
# Dai 1 Go-gata Yusokan
IJN No. 1 Class Fast Transport


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Interesting illustration of different daihatsus:

Found this image of daihatsus along a transport

Fujimi kitted some marus:

I think Tamiya, Hasegawa and Aoshima did, too. Skywaves does.

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Thanks Mate, I have over a hundred books, and then there is the net, but still can’t find any IJN troop or supply cargo ship being loaded/unloaded, but of course I can just use my imagination.

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Not sure how hard it is to find it but might want to check out this kit from Tamiya

Japanese Military Transport Set, Tamiya 31501 (1997) (scalemates.com)

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Hi Robbd01, got that kit, got just about all items for a 2’ x 3’ 1/700 scale IJN Harbor, just need photos for trains/crans loading unloading ships at dock.



Thanks for the pictures JPTRR, That are the scenarios I’m looking for.