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A truly fantastic diorama from the extraordinary and creative mind of modelling a good friend Kenzi Teranishiand his stunning work on type 3 Japanese medium tank Chi-Nu, A story of only five people fighting against a large number of people...a Japanese FURY

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/ikari-story-of-only-five-people-fighting-against-a-large-number-of-people-a-japanese-fury

Holy run on sentence Batman. What is this even trying to say? Can we get some common punctuation and sentence structure to make this a little more readable?


Slow day at the office? Who wrote it? Someone whose first language is something other than English? Maybe. Maybe not. You don’t even acknowledge the dio, which I find to be very well done.

Anyone here ever read a review by Terry Ashley? English is his first language for sure. Here’s an excerpt. He’s got some real gems that are much longer, but this is the first one that popped up:

The kit is the same as the 1992 release minus the crew figures but with 5 new sprues for the OIF bits, a small etched fret and printed items plus a small decal sheet so I won’t spend time going over the original parts as most will be familiar with what’s in the box, suffice to say it has the same well moulded parts with full driver’s position (which you can’t see but you know it’s there), plus the interior turret parts, separate engine deck if you want to add an engine and the link and length ‘big foot’ tracks but still has the drive sprockets without lightening holes.

When we start to mock grammar and punctuation, it may be time to move on.

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When an Editor of the site can’t post in correct sentences and coherent thought process it is an issue. Terry Ashley isn’t posting reviews here, so I don’t see how the way he used to write applies here.

The dio looks good, but I don’t see how it is 5 guys fighting a bunch of people or whatever he has listed it as. It is just a tank w/its crew hanging out.

I agree with Gino. It is frustrating reading descriptions of the Inspirations features… they make no sense whatsoever.


Well the headline and appearance of the diorama do not match. There is zero look of “fighting against large numbers of people”. The ground work is beautiful, the tank itself looks good, but the figures appear to be a standard generic crew set placed upon the tank with no specific tale to be told.

Plus a Bonsai Tree. I assume it is 1/35?

According to Wiki these tanks were never used in combat; so who is the crew fighting while sat relaxed on their tank?

The diorama itself is very nice but the description/name let’s it down.

To give the creator of the diorama some benefit of the doubt, the diorama could be entirely fictional. It’s a nice diorama, and it doesn’t have to be completely historical. The title and description could be better/more accurate to the diorama itself, though.

The diorama seems to be entirely fictional. “Ikari” seems to translate into “anger” or “hatred”, which is close enough to “Fury”, as the description suggests. It’s probably a sort of “calm before the storm” type scene, I assume.

Suggest retitle: 9th grader creates diorama depicting early training of “Major Japanese blunders in history”

(Hmmm… Editing aside.)

Thanks to Kenzi Teranishiand for sharing!

I would have loved to see some more detail shots of the groundwork and some WIP on the evergreen / pine tree. The tree especially gives me some ideas! Seeing something like done is half the battle in figuring out how to do it yourself.

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“Hey Sarge-san. 3 points of contact. Just sayin.”

I have to think about the many times I’ve seen WWII dioramas at contests labeled with “dictionary translations” of German, which probably causes the same reaction among German. But you know what? They tried, albeit unsuccessfully. Hell, I’ve seen it on this site, and no one complained. I find it to be well balanced and pretty well done.
Is it historically accurate to have five German tanks bottlenecked in the middle of a French village waiting to all be swacked by a pair of P-51’s? While everyone drinks wine and plays chess? Probably not.


Looks good. Love the tree.

Truly a fantastic diorama from the extraordinary creative mind of our good modelling friend Kenzi Teranishiand! Showcasing, his stunning work on the Type 3 Japanese medium tank Chi-Nu. A story of only five people preparing to fight against a large number of people…a Japanese FURY :fire:

You’ve got some common punctuation & amateur word smything now. :blush: