IL-28 "Beagle" in special colours, Romanian Air Force

Hi guys!

Here comes my IL-28 “Beagle” of the Romanian Air Force in 1/72 scale.
The “Beagle” wore this special colours in 2001.
The kit comes from Trumpeter and is a solid base for this model.
Built out of the box. Painted with Revell, Tamiya and Gunze.

Stefan :sunglasses:


Nice :slight_smile:

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What a beauty!, it’s actually a Harbin H-5 (Chinese built IL-28) and would have been the star of the International Air Tattoo 2001 at RAF Cottesmore, was it not for a landing accident on Borcea/Fetesti air base on 21 July 2001 after a training flight for this event.


Hi! Is for sale? It s beautiful!:heart: