IL II Sturmovik Accurate Miniatures

I did this one close to five years ago but didn’t get a chance to photograph it. It is my first winter camo attempt i believe i used chipping fluid. MM base camo paint russian top side green and nato black was sprayed first followed by decal application then tamiya acrylic white that i sprayed around the decals. I then distressed the white with a water damp brush. The gun barrels are brass tubing
great kit, i really enjoyed building it. got a couple of the two seaters in my collection but i think i like the looks of the straight wing on the single seater better.


Not even one like? did i do that bad a job on this build?? :frowning_face:

I don’t think so. Yes, there is some areas that could use some improvement, nothing that I would change at this point as it seems the focus was building a winter camo scheme and that goal was accomplished.

I know at that time of posting I was on my way to the Nationals, so viewing and likes took a hit then and afterwards during catch up.

Missed this one! I like the accurate miniatures kits! Nice solid job

thanks, i have a couple more of them, just need to find decals and accurate paint.

thanks, please point those areas out for my next build. when it comes to Russian and Japanese aircraft my knowledge is limited.


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I will try to remember that. I am not that knowledgeable on most of those aircraft, only slightly better on Hinds. What I saw some construction issues on this kit but I did not see similar on your posted aircraft. Keep it up, those kits looked nice. :+1:

I missed this one when you originally posted it, don’t know how or why. Looks quite nice to me. You did really good work on the worn snow camo and underside airfield grime.
It is a great kit. Mine was damaged beyond repair by my daughters cat and subsequently scrapped several years ago. :unamused: Hope that when you build another AM IL-2, I’ll catch it on the first showing.

I really like these old AM kits. Theirs avenger is a r ally nice kit

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