Iltis canadian "Bombardier" ACE 1:35

What a weirdo comes to the workshop. While the vehicle itself is quite strange, I will “normalize” it to the version used by Canadians equipped with a TOW launcher. The box is tiny, and so is the vehicle. The photos show the box (:stuck_out_tongue:) and the target vehicle. I will use the launcher from the Humvee. The radio seems problematic to me at the moment. I have a lot of reference photos, so I hope it will be fine.



This one is so cool!
I had no idea the Iltis was available in 1/35 and just went looking for it. The pricetag is unreal!!! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Agreed on the price. Sticker shock when first announced as available. A few years back I picked up the metal Iltis in that scale, made of metal, for slightly more, but it was the only game in town then.

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A better doner for the TOW set-up may be the Tamiya M151A2 TOW. It has the vehicle pedestal, control box, TOW storage rack, rear side-seats, etc. in it. It can be found for pretty cheap as well.


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@HeavyArty - Thank you for your help - maybe this will be a better solution👍

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There was an excellent build posted recently in the Canadian Military Modellers Association Facebook group