I'm feeling like deleting my account here

My reasoning I want to delete my account here is quite simple to me, I can’t actively maintain my online presence on here. And I’m not having the feeling I’m having anything of value to contribute to here. I’m still after getting notifications of a older post I made about my consideration to buy a Ferdinand kit hesitant to delete my account anyway. So I decided to ask for some opinions of you all here. Maybe that will help me to make the right decision.

There is no requirement on anyone to provide a specified volume of content.
Relax and enjoy the content provided by others, ask something when needed
and maybe get useful answers. There are MANY users who post very little and
others post a lot. Some show their own builds in blogs and others mostly
provide answers. I build very little (time constraints) so I only provide answers
when I can.


You are still on early stages of modelling, so it is normal that you have more questions than answers. And your questions will be helpful to others for sure.
Unless you are considering to stop modelling forever, I see no reason why you should delete your account.


As Robin and Carlos said, there is no reason to delete the account. It is a valuable site for info — some people leave it for months/over a year before they make a post so its no big dramas if you stay silent. Use the forum as you can and when you can … there are no rules saying you have to do a certain amount of this or that.


Second what the others have said. On the lower left there is an item called Topic Controls. You can turn off notifications if you choose to.


You don’t need to contribute anything. Nothing wrong with being here to learn from others.


I agree with this.

Honestly, the hobby is generally more enjoyable when I post less and build for myself, not for the forum. Less pressure and frustration. More freedom to be satisfied.

Just my two cents.


No need to delete an account…just delete the link from your favorites list.
:smiley: :canada:


Don’t delete your account…model building is a hobby, not a job. I’ve been building models for over 65 years, sometimes I’m into it every day, or I can go weeks without doing anything. As some of the other posts have said, sit back, enjoy the hobby, be as active as you wish, there are no rules.