I'm looking for a solution to organize the paint jars in my drawers

Hello everyone,

I’m wanting to neatly store my paint jars of Tamiya, Revell and Mr. Hobby in my drawers.
At this time they are just placed loosely in the drawer and as I close my drawers they are going all over the place.
And then I can all place and organize them again.
I’m wanting to buy a solution that organizes the paints I have in my drawers in a neat and tidy way.
Problem is, that I’m not knowing any product or search term to find such a product what I’m looking for.
I have tried to make something myself, but that wasn’t very succesful.
Don’t had the right tools, nor did my work have great tools to help me out.
To make things worse, I’m not really satisfied with what I have made.
So I’m needing help to solve this problem.
I don’t know if I’m placing in the right place, because these forums are so big and I couldn’t find anything other that seemed more appropriate for this subject.
So I’m posting it here.
If there is any other place with a higher chance of succes of getting an good answer to my question, feel free to move it to a better location.

I hope you can help me,


Can you do something like this?

I myself have gotten nail polish racks for Vallejo and Tamiya 10ml paints off Amazon. Cannot use them in a draw but not bad on the hobby desk.



I tried storing things in my drawers once, but my boys kept getting in the way… :grinning:

On a more serious note, when I was attending at the Harmony Church School for Wayward Boys oh those many moons ago, we had to roll each of our socks into a little life raft shape and place them neatly in the drawer. Similarly, underwear had to be rolled into a cylinder exactly six inches wide. Everything was placed in the drawer just so, and it was carefully closed. Of course, upon inspection when the drawer was yanked open everything slid around creating a most untidy sight… Nothing like having cylinders and life rafts banging about inside your drawers.

The solution was tape. Yes, we taped everything down so it couldn’t move. Of course you had to remember to remove the tape from your drawers before putting them on - nothing like scratchy or sticky tape in your drawers on a twenty miler.

These days I make dividers. I bought a piece of brown particle board from the local builder’s supply - similar to pegboard but without the holes. It cuts easily with a circular saw. One and a half inch strips are about right. Then you arrange your paint jars by brand and put the strips in between, You don’t even have to secure the strips if there are enough jars keeping them in place. If you really want to you can glue them with white glue but it makes rearranging them harder if you decide you’re not happy with the contents of your drawers.

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I believe I have seen this video, on the old forum.
However I don’t know if I have the proper tools for it.
There aren’t any readily available pre-made products?
I will also look on the internet, do you have any idea’s or suggestions what I could be putting in in the search bar?
Where to buy or where to look for them?
Thanks for sharing the video.

I’m not quite understanding this story.
Is the idea somewhat similair to that of the video above?
Maybe you can put some examples in that I have a visual clue on what you are exactly meaning.
I’m sorry that I’m not getting it right away, but I hope you are wanting to explain this in more detail.
Thanks for your reply.

Where you buy the material you can buy some metal cutting scissors, that’s all you need. You could probably make something similar out of cardboard. I don’t know of any commercial products. You could go to a hardware store and talk to them about it for other ideas.

Okay, thank you for your reply.
I will look and see what my options are in this situation.

FWIW - the bulk of my paint about 200 bottles or so is stored in a hobby paint rack. The paint rack is great for organized long term storage and terrible for easy access.

My solution was a “ready rack” for the paints used for 90 percent of modeling needs. A clear plastic storage box that fits in the desk drawer. Its handy and keeps stuff from moving around. Adding a sticker top label makes color ID easier. Also the dividers allow grouping colors together. Nato, German Panzer Colors, Russian etc for the typical kits I build.

I’m sure there are better and more elegant solutions but the $15 plastic case with dividers has worked pretty well.

Using plastic cases or boxes are an interesting way of providing a solution to my problem.
I didn’t think of this myself, but it seems nice enough.
Simple and if I just can find the right sizes, it could provide a great solution for one of my paint organizing problems.
Thank you for providing this interesting idea.

Go to the art store and buy a piece of foamcore board. Then go to the home improvement store and buy a piece of foam insulation.
Cut the foamcore into strips and cut notches into the strips so that you can fit them together to form grid dividers. You can make the compartments any size you want, depending on how many bottles of each brand you have.
Then cut the foam insulation to take up the empty space in the back of the drawer, so that your dividers do not slide back when you open and close the drawer.
The whole thing should cost you less than $10 and it’s fully customizable and super easy to do.

Thank you for your reply.
And a really nice idea to think about.
Sounds simple enough.
Will also take it into consideration.

Well that’s just flippin cool. First time my drawers will be full since my second wife cut my . . . umm, paint bottles off. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You can get a 2m wood strip like this at DIY shops for a couple of euros

Choose the size needed, cut with a simple saw to the size of the drawer making rows as wide as your paint bottles and glue to the bottom and sides

Thank you for your reply.
But we think we might have found a solution.

Woke up this mornin’ and decided to tackle this paint situation. I noticed one day about a week ago I’ve already got some roof edgeing drip flashing, so brought out the tin snips and got started. After about an hour of cutting enough peices and fileing the burrs off the edges it was a done deal. Cool. Have a drawer that keeps hanging up so out comes the adjustable wrench and the ballpeen hammer and knocked that issue out too!

. . . Sweet! Men with tools and coffee :grin:



Don’t fully understand what you are saying, but the photo looks nice.