I'm looking for another book shop to purchase my specialized modeling books

Okay, this is the story.
Some days ago I have placed an order at panzerwrecks.com for 3 books of the 17. SS Panzergrenadier Division ‘Götz von Berlichingen’.
And they were not cheap in anyway.
Around 300 euro and they have to come from England.
In first instance I had good feelings about everything, but the first impression with ordering something from England isn’t great to say the least.
First of all, everything was more expensive then I thought.
And to top it all of, the Royal Mail of England probably messed something up with the tracking number.
So, I’m not amused, because in the Netherlands.
When we are paying such a high amount of money for an order, like for books.
The mail deals with it very good and very quickly.
And if there is something wrong, I can call the customer support service and they do whatever they can to solve the problem.
But I’m not feeling in my case, the Royal Mail is doing everything they can to solve the problem.
And I have payed 41 euro! I believe for a tracked airmail service.
Which, after contact with panzerwrecks.com doesn’t even appear to be tracking!
So, I want to find an bookstore like this one or better on the European mainland.
At least I hope shipping and other costs would be less expensive then.
I don’t think panzerwrecks.com deserves the blaiming for this, because I’m thinking they are doing everything they can to let everything go well.
But the Royal Mail deserves the blaim probably.
Anyway, do you know a webshop on the European mainland that sells stuff like they have and/or more of that?
Or do you know what to search for online?
I hope you are able to help me out with this.

Sorry to hear about your issues, Panzerwrecks is definitively on the the leading publishers & bookshops.

An alternative you may check is http://www.canfora.se , in Sweden.