Imperial Patrol Trooper - 1:12 scale

Hi All,

Imperial Patrol Trooper from Solo Movie.

Figure - has been made using different troopers from the 1:12 Bandai kits and I painted and weathered him using Vallejo paints.

Speeder - Isn’t screen accurate as I have used left over materials in my parts and material boxes and the details on the speeder were done using cardboard, plastci card, plastic rod, foam board, old head phone cord, old electrical cable, 28mm gaming pieces and left over Bandai SW kit parts and I painted and weathered the speeder using Vallejo paints.

Base - is foam board with the base being painted and weathered using Vallejo paints.


Looks great. :+1:

That is some excellent scratch-building Ron- you’ve managed to pull together both a great figure and a speeder! I like the paint job on both as well- just the right amount of dirt on both trooper and speeder.

Hi All,

@Tank_1812 thanks mate.

@Karl187 thanks so much mate.


Great build! Looks like an exceptionally uncomfortable ride, though…


damn you beat me to it, i have been thinking about scratch building one of those patrol bikes myself.

you’ve done a fantastic job on that bike and figure, well done indeed.

What an outstanding scratch build on the speedster and the surgery on the trooper… Brilliant job all round and a perfect little base for it to sit on. :+1:

Hi All,

@Namabiiru - thanks heaps mate and yeah the way they ride them in the movie didn’t look comfortable at all.

@Klaus-Adler - Thanks so much mate and I built this as soon as I saw the movie as I knew Hasbro wasn’t going to make one.

@Johnnych01 - Thanks very much mate.